Whether your job is marketing and sales or marketing management, your product or service, must constantly be in the marketing mix. You must believe in the product / service you are advertising, it prompts you to know that your product or service in the tiniest detail, and be enthusiastic.


As in any business and marketing is first and most important rule is that you must be committed to work you are doing and continually work on their professional development. There are many articles on the Internet that deal with this topic and give various advices, and we are for this text select two sources we believe to give the best view.

One provides 10 mandatory characteristics that every marketer must have:

1.Polymath -he must be good in several areas, including traditional and digital marketing



4.A professional in the use of technology




8.Team worker



Considering that 40% of the success of the product / service depends on marketing , so it is not surprising why 70% directors of the company comes from the sector of Marketing and Sales  – they are aware of the importance of their role, are ambitious and have listed characteristics. Therefore, success is guaranteed.

Sales and Marketing Picture

Branding Strategy Insider in this article names 6 states necessary skills for great marketers:

Successful marketer must be prepared to spend time with customers and listen to them;

They pay enough attention to behavioral segmentation of the market;

He targets a market with sufficient precision;

He devotes sufficient time and budget for marketing to stop the inappropriate category buyers from purchasing products / services;

On the right way he posts the brand;

He follows success and posts the brand.

You should revise your properties, whether and to what extent coincide with the above characteristics? There is always room for further personal development – not enough to monitor only the trends in the market of goods and services: do not forget that labor is part of the market as well as everything else. If you do not grow and do not improve your knowledge, it can very easily happen to you to be replaced at work by someone else who has understood the rules of business. If you want to stay on the market that means that you have to fight constantly. You have to be aware that you are in some kind of” war”.


If you want to really see the results, it is necessary to invest in tools that will help you to become familiar with your target audience and anticipate their moves (that work well Amazon and Google). Also, it is very important to encourage consumers to share stories and experiences, and to make space for their mutual communication and interaction. All listed companies have done so very successfully, using social networks in a creative way. Use social networks to explore the market. And remember in this job you have to be very creative and resourceful person.

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